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Deploying a standalone DNS Server using PowerDNS

In the next few weeks I will be deploying a new DNS server, standalone, with a custom control panel.

It is using PowerDNS.  The panel is written in PHP and located on the webserver, not the new DNS box.  The only non-DNS service I am running is MySQL, this is where PowerDNS gets its zones from.

I have have started work on coding the panel to also support slave DNS servers, however not using “notify” built into DNS servers, rather using the panel to create Master & Alias servers.  This just replicates the data across more than one server.  Much simpler to setup and all of the software exists in standard debian repositories (I think, if not I will also be adding details on adding new ones to the list)

Please do be aware though, I will not necessarily be releasing all of the source code for this, however there will be tutorials on writing it yourself, as well as a few scripts & commands to run to get your current BIND based zone files into the MySQL database of your new setup.