Server Issue, made worse by spam

Well, I’d like to apologise for current outages across many of my sites. Having some serious server performance issues. As the problem seemed to be getting resolved, another website of mine is being attacked by spam. Over 50 comments couple of minutes.

PHP & Django FCGI processes are not able to spawn, if its there, the site might work…slowly that is. I expect everything to be completely sorted over the next few hours. When everything starts working normally, I have a few posts to make across some of the other sites. Updates when I can.

Update: As the server issue slowly sorts, the rate of spam increases.  Fun times.  The server would normally handle the spam issue without any hit to the servers performance. (Its not really that many requests under normal conditions)

Update: All sorted.  Apparently the issue was caused by another VPS having some serious disk access to the shared SAN.  I can accept that causes problems, however, I’m surprised that there is no monitoring in place for this sort of thing. up

Well is now up.  It works, which is the most important thing right now.  Has a couple of Hints & Tips on it, a section which I may be renaming to snippets, or something.  Send me suggestions for code.  I do have a few snippets to do, less than 10 lines each I think, but other suggestions are always good.

MooTools Rocks….coming soon

Over the next few days I will be putting up MooTools Rocks, just like Django Rocks….but MooTools.

There will not be a great deal of stuff on there to start with, but at least a few snippets to get things started.