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Well is now up.  It works, which is the most important thing right now.  Has a couple of Hints & Tips on it, a section which I may be renaming to snippets, or something.  Send me suggestions for code.  I do have a few snippets to do, less than 10 lines each I think, but other suggestions are always good.

MooTools Rocks….coming soon

Over the next few days I will be putting up MooTools Rocks, just like Django Rocks….but MooTools.

There will not be a great deal of stuff on there to start with, but at least a few snippets to get things started.

Some in-depth tutorials…

Well, at the moment I am working on a site, built with Django.  I’ve decided to, sort of, release the source code for it.  What I will be doing is writing tutorials based on many aspects of the site, which also means…real world examples rather than just snippets and hello world.

All of the Django based tutorials will be published in full on and a few will probably make it here as well.  It may help a few people, who knows.  Some of the key parts of it include;

  • Breadcrumbs
  • User profiles
  • Writing a forum
  • Generic foreign keys
  • Custom template tags
  • Image upload & manipulation
  • Internationalization (possibly)
  • Scheduled tasks
  • HTML & Text E-mail with templates
  • Caching & Performance

Thats just the Django parts, also expect a couple of javascript (mainly MooTools) tutorials as well. The Javascript tutorials will, initially, only be posted on this site. There isn’t really much point in posting MooTools tutorials, on a Django site.

  • Simple lightbox
  • Slideshow
  • Some AJAX tabs

I know scripts for those are all available, but scripts you use don’t really make you better developers.  People don’t usually spend time finding out what the scripts do, but hopefully they will be a guide into the mootools world.