Some of the 3 website “breaking” due to the iPhone

As has happened already this year, the iPhone 4 is breaking websites.  Three have not managed to escape this.

An SMS & E-mail was sent out recently to several/all? of the “register interest” folk which has in turn caused a lot of traffic to the main 3 website.  3 have done a very good job of separating parts of their site so a lot still works without problem.

O2 & Orange have dedicated websites, on different domains just to handle the iPhone, this should mean they have kept downtime to a minimum.  O2 have also announced no online ordering until at least the end of July.

This is a very good example of what to do when expect BIG product releases.

  • Static websites perform very well, so remove the PHP
  • Setup a sub-domain with a site dedicated to this release
  • Plan ahead. Similar to 3, get different elements of your sites separated permanently, worst case scenario, only a small part goes down.

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