Facebook Connect

Recently I started writing facebook connect, from scratch, into one of the sites I’m working on.  Its actually a very easy process.  The (new?) javascript library is very good, setting cookies for authentication etc.

After actually having authenticated myself within my own site (facebook side) there is still quite a lot to do.

  • Creating / Updating accounts  – Uses the REST api.  I’ve got the account details, just need to use them
  • Authenticating the user automatically using the standard Django auth.
  • Removing accounts (or something if people remove my app from their list
  • A cron to update the accounts every 24 hours, facebook caching requirements

A few side things to still be done (maybe) wall posts, friend invites and I’m slightly tempted to use the facebook comments system, however…I am not entirely sure of the benefit of doing that rather than creating my own (which I have elsewhere) or using the standard Django comments framework.

This facebook connect stuff will also be part of the tutorials in future as well.

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